Supporters of our online gallery can use the benefits, which we provide from our business partner Terme Krka.

We want everyone to feel the energy that artists feel when they are creating, on the one hand, and the tranquillity that this process of creation requires, on the other. We want everyone to breathe calmly, eat healthy, locally produced home-made food, to move according to their own desires and abilities, and relax in wellness centers. As our supporter, we therefore offer you certain benefits in Dolenjske and Šmarješke toplice, in Striunjan Talas or at Otočec.

Choose your destination and let us know your choice on


You can become a supporter of the online gallery if you:

  1.  are a buyer of the published artwork in the online gallery,
  2.  were a buyer of the artist’s work, presented in the online gallery,
  3.  contributed to our research of artists market (sent your opinion or other information about the artist, which is published on page,
  4.  shared posts from our Facebook page purchase/sale of artworks or the website,
  5.  published your collection of artworks in our online gallery,
  6.  client of the company DI GRAZIA d.o.o.,
  7.  client of the company A-SPRINT d.o.o.,
  8.  client of the company RHI d.o.o.,
  9.  client of the company FAR-Tehnik d.o.o.

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