Jože PlečnikSketch of corner and wreaths of the Zacherl house in Vienna

Dimension: 25,6 x 22 cm
Technique: pencil and ink on transparent paper
Year of painting: 1904

Sketch of corners and wreaths of Zacher’s house in Vienna, pencil and ink on transparent paper 25.6×22 cm, without signature, dated right below: 16.June 904; to the right with pencil added number 16.

Plečnik spent a long time and thoroughly dealt with the question of the façade cladding of Zacher’s house. The building was already being built, but he still had no final solutions. The present drawing represents a conclusion in the artist’s design, which means the final vision of the solution, which, however, underwent a fundamental change in the process of implementation: there clearly shown dynamics of the figurative frieze over the smoothly treated façade with the ribs, logically concluded by the swirling roofs of the roofing party, was unfulfilled. The façade of the Zacher’s Palace in Vienna is, of course, one of the most beautiful Viennese facades of its time, one of the peaks in Plečnik’s opus at all, but it is missing exactly what makes this drawing so suggestively attractive: internal tension, elevation and expressive dramatic that completely undermined the primitive softness of secession. It was precisely on this drawing that, in comparison with the performance, even a radical thesis was formulated that Plečnik, with his drawing opus, exceeded his performances well, thus achieving perhaps one of the most important drawing opus of his time in Vienna and on a global scale.

The image is the own private belongings of collector with a checked history of artwork.

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